Healthy pomegranate smoothie

This pomegranate smoothie recipe is loaded with healthy goodness that will leave you feeling good inside.

ViewHealthy pomegranate smoothie

Pomegranate gin fizz

This pomegranate gin & champagne cocktail is deceptively easy to make and tastes sensational

ViewPomegranate gin fizz

Easy pomegranate margarita

Fruity and sharp, just like a Margarita ought to be.

ViewEasy pomegranate margarita

Pomegranate martini

Make your vodka martini pop with the addition of some perky pomegranates.

ViewPomegranate martini

Pomegranate breakfast parfait

Make a delicious, simple granola to serve layered up with Greek yoghurt and pomegranates for a tasty breakfast treat.

ViewPomegranate breakfast parfait

Pomegranate & chia pudding

This creamy chia pomegranate pudding is the perfect healthy, vegan & gluten-free breakfast or dessert. It’s super filling and easy to make!

ViewPomegranate & chia pudding

Pomegranate & chocolate granola bars

These poppin' choc granola bars are easy to make, the chocolate & pomegranate give a fab tangy, sweet mix!

ViewPomegranate & chocolate granola bars

Apple & pomegranate crumble

Juicy pomegranate seeds make a wonderful change from the average apple crumble

ViewApple & pomegranate crumble

Roast chicken with sticky pomegranate

A delicious one pan roasted chicken with a sticky marinade. Simply serve with some greens.

ViewRoast chicken with sticky pomegranate

Pomegranate & walnut Brussels sprouts

Try this super simple, quick-to-make recipe with Brussels & pomegranates for a side dish with a difference.

ViewPomegranate & walnut Brussels sprouts

Roast butternut squash & pomegranate with pistachio pesto

Squash & pomegranates are a perfect match, brought together with this herby pesto for the ultimate side dish or simply eat on its own.

ViewRoast butternut squash & pomegranate with pistachio pesto

Pomegranate pasta salad

A light pasta salad that is juicy and tasty, perfect served on its own or as part of a summer picnic.

ViewPomegranate pasta salad

Pomegranate feta & spinach salad

The pomegranates add a pop of sweetness in this simple salad which works perfectly with the salty feta.

ViewPomegranate feta & spinach salad

Roasted aubergine with pomegranate molasses

The pomegranate molasses gives a rich sticky glaze to the aubergines, perfect served with a bulgur wheat salad.

ViewRoasted aubergine with pomegranate molasses

Pomegranate salsa, guacamole & goat’s cheese sourdough slices

A super tasty, super easy slice of goodness. Enjoy this flavourful, nutritious toast for breakfast, lunch, or serve with crostini’s as an appetizer!

ViewPomegranate salsa, guacamole & goat’s cheese sourdough slices

Raspberry & pomegranate chia jam

A healthy, low sugar jam that's ready in minutes and tastes delicious!

ViewRaspberry & pomegranate chia jam

Pomegranate & raspberry mocktail

A great pomegranate and raspberry mocktail for all to enjoy, looks fab too!

ViewPomegranate & raspberry mocktail

Chicken spinach salad with pomegranate

This healthy chicken spinach pomegranate salad is packed full of flavour & goodness.

ViewChicken spinach salad with pomegranate

Pomegranate Molasses

You will be amazed at the intensity of flavour you get from making your own pomegranate molasses. So simple to make too! It is simple to make just requires a little prep and then a slow simmer. But then the results will gift you a sauce that can be used for a multitude of things - in dressings, for adding to roasted meats for glazing , marinades, gives a flavour boost to vegetable and chickpea dips, add to drinks and even drizzled over ice cream.

ViewPomegranate Molasses