It's a wonderful pomegranate planet

With pomegranates now grown world wide, you can enjoy best in season pomegranates anytime of the year.

How wonderful is that?

Chasing the winter sun

The pomegranate's roots are firmly in a Persian past and the fruit has been cultivated since ancient times but this perky plant is now grown across the globe, allowing for year round availability of the delicious and nutritious pomegranate fruit.

Often referred to as the 'Jewel of Winter', the pomegranate is a winter bearing fruit and can brighten up any wintry day.

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Around the pomegranate planet

Our pomegranates are sourced from 9 different countries across the globe and we work with over 20 pomegranate growers.

You can be sure we hand pick the best pomegranate fruit in season.

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Best in class poms all year round

During the winter months we source our pomegranate seeds from Spain, Turkey, Greece, Israel and Portugal.

Whilst in the summer months our pomegranate seeds are grown in South Africa, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Hand-picked poms

Pomegranates are grown on small trees that bloom in spring and drop their petals at the end of summer, as the nights cool down the ripening of the fruit begins.

Once the fruit is ready to be harvested, typically when the fruit is dark and firm, large teams set out to harvest the fruit by hand using scissors and prepare the whole fruit for export.

Once we receive the fresh whole fruit we start the careful process of extracting the seeds, the seeds are then carefully packed to reach you with maximum freshness.

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Our pomegranate family

The long-standing relationships we hold with our growers allow us to not only source the best in season pomegranates but also focus on developing their farms to maintain a sustainable pomegranate production for generations to come.

Every pomegranate is carefully hand-picked, packed and prepared to ensure you get the best quality pomegranate seeds from tree to table.

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