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We're here to help you discover your new favourite fruit

Poppin' Poms is a year-round campaign to help you discover your new favourite fruit.

Poppin' Poms represents select pomegranate growers and works with industry experts, leading UK supermarkets and retailers to bring you the best pomegranate information available.

The Poppin' Poms campaign, which shares the latest information and facts with fruit fans, is designed to shine a light on the pomegranate health benefits, versatility and all-round availability of pomegranate seeds in the UK with the objective of growing awareness for pomegranate seeds by introducing new consumers and increasing the eating opportunities with deliciously tempting pomegranate recipes.

We'll tell you where to find the best pomegranate seeds, how to make them pop in your recipes and keep you up to speed with all the health benefits.

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